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Our products Mobicosa® and Technyflex®, have helped humans and animals overcome the burden of reduced mobility and soreness. Learn about incredible life changing results directly from our valued customers!

Human product testimonials

‘I have arthritis in my knees, feet and hands. I take the Mobicosa® capsules every day and words can’t describe the relief I get. I can highly recommend Mobicosa® capsules to anyone with arthritis. Try them for a couple of months, then stop taking them for a week or so and feel the difference. You will soon be taking them again.’
— Lawrence - Jimbooba, Australia
My aunt recommended Mobicosa to me, when I complained about getting older feeling achy after long runs. She is in her late 50’s, and is very active (skier, horseback rider, etc...). So I began taking Mobicosa and all those aches are gone! I am no longer stiff when getting up after sitting for long periods. I have tried various glucosamine products in the past and not experienced any change, so was very pleasantly surprised to find this really works.

I give my dog the canine version of New Zealand’s Green Lipped Muscle - he’s a 13 year old Bassett Hound and it has made a very noticable difference. His back legs used to be stiff all the time, to the point where he had begun collapsing occasionally. Now he never collapses and the stiffness is almost gone; he has actually started running like a puppy a few times!
— Nicole Blaha, USA
I have been using Mobicosa® capsules for 6 months. After one week - remarkable relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Reduced swelling in right knee by 90 percent. All joints almost pain free.
— Colin Murdoch, Australia
I have two chronic pain conditions, Fibromyalgia and Bursitis, and for 13 years have tried every treatment available with little or no success. Since starting Mobicosa® 6 months ago my joint mobility has increased and my pain level has decreased dramatically. My general health has also improved. I believe Mobicosa® with its unique qualities has the ability to relieve severe joint pain and related conditions.
— Kerryanne Eastaugh
As a sufferer of Huntington’s Chorea (a genetic neurological disorder, characterized by abnormal body movements called chorea and a lack of coordination; it also affects a number of mental abilities and some aspects of behavior) I have a lot of involuntary movements which cause me a lot of pain and soreness especially from old injuries. Before taking Mobicosa® I was constantly taking strong pain relief tablets three times a day. I am so grateful I am now on Mobicosa® as I have not had to take any pain relief tablets since shortly after starting my course of the Mobicosa® capsules. I am now able to enjoy life more because I am not preoccupied by pain.
— Dom, Australia
I would like to write to you to say a big thankyou for the very efficient service and delivery of a product I recently bought across the internet. The process was simple and effective and with out fuss. I bought some Mobicosa® for my mum who suffers badly from Rheumatoid arthritis. She loves this product and within days she claims it is helping to alleviate her stiffness and joint pain.

So thank you very much for this great product and efficient service.
— Anita - Australia
I have been using Mobicosa® for approximately 9 months. I have a chronic back scoliosis and have had back pain in degrees for over 30 years. It is a little hard to tell how effective Mobicosa® is as I need 75mgs Voltaren daily as well. I have great faith in the therapeutic benefits of green lipped mussels. For the other benefits alone my husband and I will continue taking Mobicosa® capsules.
— Avril, New Zealand
I had flap surgery on my gums, and did the upper right quadrant one week, lower right the next, lower left the next and next week will do the upper left.
I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made. The first two were excruciating, and I took a lot of pain pills (hyrdocodone or oxycodone) the entire week after surgery and a lot of NSAIDs. Immediately after I got out of the dentist’s office after the third, I slathered the Mobicosa gel on the outside of my cheek and under the jaw. I could see that I wasn’t as swollen as I had been the previous two times. I kept slathering it on the skin whenever it started to hurt, and I was not taking any pain medication or NSAID after the 3rd day.

Thank you for your amazing product.
— Chrissy Mullender

Animal product testimonials

I have used Techyflex® products on my Standardbreds for the past 6 months. I find Technyflex® powder is beneficial for maintaining horses joints, and I noticed definate improvement in the horses health and wellbeing whilst using this product. I have no hesitation in recommending Technyflex® Equine products.
— Susan Hunter - Victoria Australia
I have an 11 yr old German Shepherd who had been suffering with arthritis in his knee. He was slow and in pain, but still wanted to run. Upsetting to watch him struggle, I decided to try this product, (other things were not working anymore). He is now running, and ran with me on the quad the other night, the pain has eased up so much for him and he is hardly even stiff in the mornings. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Thank you so much, from him and from me. I suggest anyone try this product, you seriously have nothing to lose.
— Leanne Sharman
My 3 year old cat Nala had an unfortunate accident as a kitten and was very slow to recouperate. Not being one to sit still Nala found it difficult having lost her energy and agility. When she did behave as she had before the accident we noticed a swelling around her joints and general fatigue. We decided to try her on Technyflex® Feline as we had heard of its high level of Omega’s and the anti- inflammatory effect it has on animals. The results have been amazing. Nala is now back to her old self. She has energy and is able to race around all day. There were no adverse side effects. We are thrilled that we tried Nala on Technyflex® and she now has her mobility back.
— Wendy - Nelson New Zealand
Just a quick note to let you know what a difference Technyflex® has made to our old mare. Dawnie is 30 years old and couldn’t put her head to ground to eat. After being on your product as directed the difference is amazing. The old pony can now eat where she chooses in the paddock and can also enjoy her feeds of Gumnuts and chaff and her hay comfortably. Thank you to the team at Natural Health and to this marvellous product.
— Julianna and Merrilyn
I first discovered Technyflex® as a wonderful alternative treatment for my 9 year old Great Dane. At the time he could no longer take Vet prescribed drugs for arthritis due to their side effects. Technyflex® relieved his pain and had no damaging side effects. I have since given it to my other dogs for inflammatory conditions due to injury as well, and have had the same excellent results.
— S.B - Australia
I am pleased to endorse and recommend Technyflex as a product that supports joint health. I have travelled Australia for many years conducting coaching clinics (up to 45 annually) and train both novice and professional riders.

I know from a life time working with horses that joint wear and tear and subsequent pain reduces equine ability and that Technyflex can assist with this problem, my training programs involve progressive strength and conditioning work to enable the equine athlete to reach their maximum potential. Technyflex compliments this routine by assisting with building strong joints and cartilage while the natural anti inflammatory properties ensure pain free and happy animals.

The health and well being of the horse has always been central to my training and Technyflex can greatly assist this philosophy. I have seen grand Prix dressage horses, schoolmasters and young growing horses all gain significant noticeable benefit both short and long term from its use. Most recently I started my old dog on Technyflex canine and once again the improvement was rapid and very noticeable.
— Diane Jenkyn (Dressage Coach specialist)
Paddy my 7 year old dog was begining to show the signs of athritis. I am very careful with his diet and want to avoid steroids. I decided to try Technyflex® and the results were dramatic. Clearly it helped him more than any supplement had in the past.He now takes two tablets per day and our Vet says he looks wonderful- so free in his movement. I hope many others who want to maintain their dogs’health will give Technyflex® a try.
— M.S - Australia

New Zealand green lipped mussels are known for unique anti-inflammatory properties that may relieve pain, arthritic symptoms and re-build joint health naturally. 
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