Why we are the best

When we deliver our products to you – Mobicosa® & Technyflex®, we are confident that we are providing the very best New Zealand can offer. We have developed our knowledge of this spectacular species for almost two decades and are committed to best practices to maximise the sustainability and quality of our products. 

Product registrations and compliances – GMP, TGA, APVMA, USFDA, NZFSA, EU, HACCP, MPI, NZ Registered Exporters.
Natural Health NZ 2002 Ltd is the only company to have achieved complimentary medicines (TGA), veterinary registered medicines of Equine, Canine and Feline (APVMA) of this product type.

Harvesting and Effectiveness

It is important to understand that not all green lipped mussels are of the same quality because they are a farmed species where growth and quality does vary. Natural Health NZ 2002 Ltd is dedicated to providing the very best sustainable processes and quality control.

Processing and Quality Control

Having sound knowledge of mussel growth cycles and the indicators to look for, we can offer superior quality all year round. We are so passionate about the end result we ensure that our products are of the highest standard – we call this NHNZone™.

  100% natural whole food

  NHNZone™ green lipped mussel powder

  NHNZone™ research, quality control & testing (exclusive to Natural Health NZ 2002 Ltd)

  Proven bio-active and bio-available properties

  No known side effects

  No fillers – 100% mussel meat

  Your complete product for joint health and integrity

  Abundance in omegas for overall wellbeing

  Assistance in skin condition and other biological benefits